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Push notifications microservice go

This program will receive messages via REST API and/or Redis queue and send push notifications to Google FCM and/or Apple APNS (VoIP supported).

Source code GoDoc

Example request:

curl -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"title":"test", \
    "token":"lJo3Kr4X9s1:APA91bEKvZJRuaiZZMmiRArOGx454yePPHaoLQtqqBI3tiXNA_Evu7uBFqMXbn7xZBfR2r4SDQEOj514vmd4L3Nxe_U_Sw9MdOfe1cOkU-sfn2QPlKzSaEzAinihlzqSCai9_n_lS2oE", \
    "body":"newbody", "priority": "high", "sound": "sound.mp3", "transport": "fcm"}' \


Listens on

on the same time. If one of listeners is broken, the second one will work.

Sends to

on the same time