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docker-compose bash

Bash script, which allow to use docker/compose as docker image. That script requires only standard nix tools and provides auto-updates, without additional dependencies (official way - python package with bunch of specific deps). Useful for CI and developers' workstations

Source code



curl -o ~/bin/docker-compose -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/titanium-codes/docker-compose/master/docker-compose && chmod +x ~/bin/docker-compose

NOTE: You can download script in any location (which included in $PATH), but updater will try to edit script file when new docker-compose version will be released. That means, that you should have write permissions to target file, the best way is to place script in your home folder.


Same as docker-compose


Script will check updates every day, if new version will be released, script will update itself and download new docker/compose image