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CIBU - CI BUild helper bash

Collection of bash scripts with usefull things for CI implemented into awscli-like style. Used on each CI/CD job in Titanium's projects.

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Set of tools to simplify CI/CD pipelines.



Put $SSH_PRIVATE_KEY env var contents to ~/.ssh/id_rsa file, fix permissions and add key to ssh agent.

Very usefull for ssh operations in GitLab CI


Sentry.io related commands

release [version] [url]

Create new release in sentry
Required env vars: `$SENTRY_WEBHOOK` - sentry release webhook url
Defaults: version = current date, url = none
Example: `cibu sentry release '2.0.0-beta1' 'https://github.com/titanium-codes/cibu/issues/2'`


supported env vars:

docker and docker-compose related commands

login <login> <password> <registry>

Run docker login on remote server
Example `cibu compose login user password registry.gitlab.com`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST docker login -u user -p password registry.gitlab.com`

upload [suffix]

Upload docker-compose file with target suffix (if provided) to remote server.
Example: `cibu compose upload qa`
Will run `scp docker-compose-qa.yml $TARGET_HOST:$TARGET_PATH/docker-compose.yml`

pull [docker-compose pull argumets]

Perform a 'docker-compose pull' with arguments (if provided) on remote server in selected dir
Example: `cibu compose pull --parallel`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST 'cd $TARGET_PATH; docker-compose pull --parallel'`

remove <service>

Stop and remove selected service
Example: `cibu compose remove redis`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST 'cd $TARGET_PATH; docker-compose stop redis; docker-compose rm -f redis'`

up [docker-compose up args...]

Run docker-compose up command on target server
Example: `cibu compose up --force-recreate`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST 'cd $TARGET_PATH; docker-compose up --force-recreate'`

update <service>

Stop, remove and recreate selected service
Example: `cibu compose update redis`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST 'cd $TARGET_PATH; docker-compose stop redis; docker-compose rm -f redis; docker-compose up -d --force-recreate --remove-orphans --no-deps redis'`


Run docker system prune and clean volumes marked to remove
Example: `cibu compose cleanup`
Will run `ssh $TARGET_HOST 'docker system prune -a -f; rm -rf /var/lib/docker/aufs/diff/*-removing'`


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