Nikita Chernyi

Open Source projects and tools

Ansible Skeleton yml

Boilerplate for new project with usable file structure even on very huge projects.
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Docker base image docker

Base image for all CI/CD pipelines in Titanium company, bundled with lots of tools. docker pulls counter
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Forest Guild ruby

Static WoW guild website with integrations to WoW API (affixes), Warcraft Logs (attendance tracker), and WOWprogress (guild progress), Wowhead (game data and stats),
Yandex.Turbo (optimized webpages on Yandex side), Google AMP (optimized webpages on Google side), Twitch (online streamers counter) and image manipulations (use WebP if client supports it, otherwise - use original jpeg/png/etc).
Built on top of Jekyll (website "engine") and Gitlab CI (to run ruby modules for data collecting and calculation).
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Phinx dockerized docker

Dockerized Phinx (db migration tool) docker pulls counter
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ssh-context bash

Bash wrapper around ssh which provides you ability to use contexts (as in kubectl) for SSH.
Project = context. Context = separate ssh config, keys, etc. Use full power of isolated ssh config
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swagger-php dockerized docker

Dockerized swagger-php (OpenAPI spec generation from annotations) docker pulls counter
support development bash

Automatic generator with tags/releases and MRs/PRs creation.
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Twilio SMS GUI python

Simple gui to send SMS via Twilio, using predefined contact list. Usage case: You are DnD Dungeon Master and you want to notify your party about changes in scheduled event.
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Healthcheck go

This program will constantly check for one or more http(-s), websocket and redis endpoints and notify you whenever something goes down and also when it goes up again. It will additionally expose an http (json) endpoint with the current statuses of every check configured. Distribution: binary, docker image, source code

Notifications: Slack, Twilio SMS

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CIBU - CI BUild helper bash

Collection of bash scripts with usefull things for CI implemented into awscli-like style. Used on each CI/CD job in Titanium's projects.
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F-Droid repo python

Custom F-Droid repo built on top of Gitlab CI, Gitlab Pages and CloudFlare. Automatically downloads releases of open source apps from git repos, signs and publishes it in f-droid repository format on daily schedule.
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WTF framework php

PHP framework, built on top of Slim framework for fast prototyping and bootstrapping new projects. Main idea is to rapid develop, build and deploy fast and secure applications.
Has implemented modules for ORM (SQL databases), Auth (DB, LDAP, session, cookie, jwt), REST, HTML (ssr). Bundled with docker
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Push go

This program will receive messages via REST API and/or Redis queue and send push notifications to Google FCM and/or Apple APNS (VoIP supported). Distribution: binary, docker image, source code
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docker-compose bash

Bash script, which allow to use docker/compose as docker image. That script requires only standard nix tools and provides auto-updates, without additional dependencies (official way - python package with bunch of specific deps). Useful for CI and developers' workstations
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