Chisinau, Moldova

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A passionate, hands-on professional, who has over 10 years of experience in backend development covering multiple technologies. Keeping knowledge sharp of new development strategies within the industry and adapting quickly to new coding trends. Capable to work independently or in a tide team environment, applying a positive attitude to every undertaken task. Showing successful tracking record delivering complex projects in Web Development as well as high professional level and responsible attitude.


Crunchyroll, Chisinau, Moldova


Senior Software Engineer - April 2021 to Present

I was brought on to the new Crunchyroll platform to be a Golang software engineer in the Content Discovery Team.

etke.cc, Remote


Founder - February 2020 to Present

I started etke.cc with a focus on hosting, setup, and maintenance of matrix servers . As byproducts of that service, numerous open source projects and tools were developed, starting from simple emm and to things like a full-featured SMTP server as a bridge with a companion .

Titanium Software, Chisinau, Moldova

Website , also Titanium Codes , Titanium Technologies

Senior Backend Developer, DevOps - January 2017 to March 2021

  • Developing and supporting custom solutions, from startups to mature business companies.
  • Integrating best practices of “Infrastructure as a Code”.
  • Integrating the “DevOps way” in all company areas
  • Integrating LDAP as the main identifying management tool
  • Integrating a lot of code-quality analytic services and tools
  • Building company processes and flows
  • Brought in Open Source contributions (http://open.titanium.codes )
  • Team Lead in 5 projects
  • Backend architecture development

OpsWay, Remote


Backend Developer, DevOps - April 2014 to January 2017

Develop and support e-commerce solutions, and integrations based on Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Maintain OpenVZ and Docker containers infrastructure.

  • 10+ full-featured Magento extensions (compatibility: Community and Enterprise editions)
  • 10+ production-ready fully dockerized products (means product life cycle proceeds inside docker containers)
  • Multiple projects fully managed by Ansible (configuration management, network management, packages management, data management, CI, and deployment). New node preparation for production needs only 10-15 minutes.
  • 1000+ contributions per year to customers’ products.

Active Computers, Tiraspol, Moldova


Support Engineer - March 2013 to March 2014

Support and development of multiple websites:

  • Online stores
  • Business sites
  • Custom web-based issue tracking system for internal usage


  • English - Professional working proficiency
  • Russian - Native


etke.cc, etke.cc

Setup, configuration, and maintenance of Matrix homeservers. Participating in all processes, starting from the initial website design to customer support.


Crunchyroll, Crunchyroll

Being part of the Content Discovery Team, I worked on the:

  • content API service - reverse proxy between visitors and underlying microservices
  • home feed management service
  • content ingestion service
  • smart dub rendition service
  • smart “watch next” service
  • multi-level cache library with seamless support of different cache algorithms at the same time
  • monitoring library with seamless double writes into multiple APM and metrics backends


Tpoint, Titanium Software

A mobile application for Squash players, that helps them book a game in a Tpoint court, control the smart devices inside the court, and share the live video of their game, and its score. The app is substituting the human factor in the process of reserving, paying, customizing the court settings, and playing like a social media platform for Squash players.


2CB, Titanium Software

A B2B online portal that works by getting both sides of a call to dial into a central point using local access numbers. The key feature is taking a call from the calling party and using this as a trigger to automate a call into the 2CB system from the person being called. The person being called will ideally have the same experience as a regular inbound call.

An IoT project, Titanium Software

Role: DevOps

Used tools:

  • Azure and AWS as cloud providers
  • Kubernetes as cluster management
  • Docker container as an infrastructure unit
  • Ansible as configuration and provision management of hosts
  • Couchbase as main DB storage
  • Elasticsearch as a search engine
  • Kafka + Zookeeper as stream collector and message queue
  • … and much more things to build a robust solution for IoT.

MathodiX, Titanium Software

Role: DevOps

  • Integrated autoscaling for High Availability
  • Integrated Sentry for crash reporting and handling


SportsWith, Titanium Software

A project built to provide sports events-sharing service

Role: Project lead, DevOps, Backend Developer

Backend development:

  • Highly optimized backend, built on PHP7.1 and Slim Framework
  • Image optimizations, based on user metadata (supported formats, device screen sizes, used browsers, etc.)
  • Social authorization
  • Bonus program, based on social activity
  • Live discussion on virtual events
  • … and much more


  • Fully dockerized infrastructure
  • Implemented pattern “Infrastructure as a Code”
  • Implemented full Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • … and much more

fone.do, Titanium Software


  • support existing project infrastructure and automatizations


Antoshka, OpsWay

Backend development:

  • Deep store integration with NovaPoshta shipping service with full process automation
  • Deep highly customizable fully automated integration with SMS gateways (TurboSMS.ua, GMS-Worldwide.com)
  • High-customizable export system for 10+ price aggregators with multiple export formats
  • Custom event system - deep integration with Magento Cron and shell scripts with full control from the Magento admin control panel and providing additional data for store managers and developers
  • Lots of Magento custom logic improvements


  • Fully managed via Ansible - configuration, data, packages, backup management; continuous integration, deployment, and rollback via ansistrano
  • Fully dockerized (all app components live in separate docker containers)
  • Decomposed back office and frontend parts of Magento on separate nodes (managed via Ansible)


Open Source

ansible-injector, etke.cc

A special CLI tool that is used to perform operations over SSH, based on ansible inventory. Initially, it was implemented as a fully parallelized tool with the ability to perform operations on hundreds of target hosts at once, but later it was redesigned to work 1 host per invocation due to architecture changes inside etke.cc

Source code

Scheduler, etke.cc

A matrix bot that runs arbitrary commands, and manages automatic maintenance of etke.cc customers’ servers, allows to interact with those servers (e.g. restart some service, check disk usage, perform off-cycle maintenance, etc.), allows specifying scheduled runs of some specific commands (including recurring), etc.

Source code

Buscarron, etke.cc

Web forms (HTTP POST) <-> matrix bridge, with a high amount of anti-spam measurements, including field validations (e.g.: email field has 13-15 checks, including SMTP validation), rate limiting, strict auto-ban system, persistent ban lists by field values (e.g. reject any submissions with an email like noreply@*) and IP hashes.

Source code

SMTP Retry Proxy, etke.cc

An SMTP proxy was built from 0 to offload checks from a single Postmoogle to multiple proxy instances with the following features:

  • Sanity checks (email addresses are valid, email size with attachments is lower than on target server, etc)
  • Anti-spam checks (MX, SPF, SMTP, DKIM)
  • Anti-spam measurements (tarpitting)
  • Enhanced stability of backend SMTP server due to local queue on proxy level + offloaded validations.

Source code

Postmoogle, etke.cc

An email <-> matrix bridge, developed as a full-featured SMTP server with lots of features, starting from seamless bridging between matrix and email threads, and moving to SMTP-specific features, like MX, SPF, SMTP, DKIM checks, greylisting, TCP connection management to reject connections from banned hosts even before they reach SMTP part, etc.

Source code

Honoroit, etke.cc

A matrix helpdesk bot, the main purpose of that bot is the etke.cc customer support solution with multiple channels (Matrix, Telegram, Signal, Twitter, etc.) bridged into one place.

Source code

etke.cc website, etke.cc

A Hugo-based true multilingual static website

Source code

Linkpearl, etke.cc

A wrapper around matrix SDK with:

  • zero configuration End-to-End encryption
  • zero configuration persistent storage
  • zero configuration session restores
  • zero configuration room and user account data encryption with AES GCM (both keys and values)
  • zero configuration room and user account data caching

Source code

ttm, etke.cc

A time-like CLI utility that prints the time used to run an arbitrary program and pushes that information (including the output of the program) into a matrix room.

Source code

emm, etke.cc

A CLI utility to export matrix messages in arbitrary formats, the main purpose of that utility is etke.cc/news page

Source code

IMAPdel, etke.cc

Client-side CLI utility to enforce retention policy on mailboxes

Source code

BunnyCDN Uploader, etke.cc

Recursive file uploader based on BunnyCDN Edge Storage API

Source code

numerous go libraries, etke.cc

Due to the high amount of shared components between bots and tools, they were decoupled into separate libraries.

Why no per-library section in the CV? Because they are all small and there are quite a lot of them, starting from a logger that implements a specific interface (matrix SDK) and has built-in Sentry integration and finishing with a health checks library.

Source code

ansible automation, etke.cc

Initially, that project started as a standalone wrapper of matrix-docker-ansible-deploy , but later the author of the upstream playbook joined etke.cc team and we work together to maintain and extend both playbooks.

Source code

ProxyAV, Titanium Software

A reverse proxy with automatic scanning of uploaded files (powered by ClamAV) and transparent integration with common web servers.

Source code



Nikita is a good backend developer and DevOps engineer who is not afraid to jump into learning about new protocols and technologies. His work on https://etke.cc (and not only) demonstrates that he’s capable of taking a problem and building a solution which spans the whole stack (business requirements, frontend/backend development, production deployment and customer support).

Slavi Pantaleev, Co-Founder

Titanium Software

Nikita is a very good developer with a lot of knowlegdes in different domains.

Leahu Ion, Frontend Developer

In the most scenarios Nikita Chernyi knows how to fix an issue that he encountered, due to his rich experience with different programming language, systems and frameworks. In my professional career, I’ve never met someone with this amount of knowledge in creating a secure system on a local environment or a cloud service like AWS, Azure, Heitzner, DigitalOcean, etc. as well as creating the required architecture on any provider described before. He proved his deep knowledge with nginx and kubernetes alike services (creating auto scaling groups, load balancers, docker images, certificates, etc.). Besides the capabilities described in DevOps domain, Nikita Chernyi has a big amount of experience with different programming languages like PHP, Go, JavaScript and Python, that he manifested by creating complex architectures from scratch, using best practices and required design patterns, up to fixing small issue in foreign projects. Nikita Chernyi has a big amount of repositories (that he is proud of, by showing them to others) created from scratch or other ones that were cloned with the purpose of helping the creators. In his free time he likes to read different articles from programming world and share them with his colleagues. Overall feedback: Nikita is a cool guy, as long as you don’t mention that JavaScript is a cool language, because you can summon the Kraken by doing so.

Alexandru Scripnic, FullStack JavaScript Developer and Team Leader

Great php developer is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Nikita Chernyi. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nikita Chernyi for six months, during which made server side architecture. Above all, I was impressed with Nikita Chernyi’s ability to complex solutions for server side via cloud technologies. And, of course, his intelligent, reliable, helpful. Nikita Chernyi would be a true asset for any positions requiring responsibility and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Evghenii Covali, iOS Developer

He can do everything. Just give him task and it will be ready in best condition! After it you can drink some beer and eat pizza together. Long story short - nice guy and awesome professional!

Andrew Tomash, Android Developer


Really valuable team player, constantly researching technologies, he was the main driver to all key changes to our projects and development processes.

Andrew Taran, Project Manager

Nikita was working as remote developer in our team. For remote developers is really important to be able to have strong self-management and self-motivation skills. And Nikita is one of the best persons in this area for sure. He was always available in dozens of messengers, was able to to act very fast when it needed on support issues. If you’re looking for good Magento Developer with deep DevOps skills - Nikita is a right choice. Waiting him back to OpsWay :)

Serghey Morin, Founding Partner

Nikita is a hight level developer with a big passion to building a good software. He knows what business want. Nikita helped our project to grow up.

Alexander Tolkach, Project Manager (customer)

I worked with him and giving consulting on DevOps & PHP developing. He is very quickly studying and is able to generate its own unique ideas. I recommend Nikita as responsible man & ability to constantly growth further.

Alexandr Vronskiy, CTO

Nikita is very active and hard-working employee. He is a great team player who enjoys learning new technologies. I believe he has lots of great start-up ideas and also he is smart enough to know how to implement them. He is an excellent worker since the day he came at our company to work as a PHP developer. He is a helpful person and very friendly :)

Iia Mizina, HR

Nikita is a great developer and very good DevOps. He’s very goal-oriented. The developing and system administration are his passions. He cares about code quality and system stability. I haven’t met anyone who knows more about Linux and different technologies related to it. It was a great pleasure to work with Nikita.

Volodymyr Rudakov, Software Engineer

He is experienced, creative and an excellent developer. I was glad for opportunity to work with him in one team.

Yuriy Kobrynyuk, Software Engineer

Active Computers

Nikita is very energetic and full of innovative ideas. He has great development and infrastructure management skills which help his clients to grow their business. Appreciate to work with him

Andrew, Project Manager